Handsomely Dishonest Writing

Handsomely Dishonest Records Demos for New Full Length Record

Handsomely Dishonest has been diligently working on songs for their upcoming full length (yet to be titled) album. "We've got about eleven new songs skeletoned out, and about seven completely written. It's coming along surprisingly well and we're extremely happy with the tracks we've decided to put on this record," says the group. Handsomely Dishonest wouldn't say a date for the album actually being on store shelves yet stating "It's too early to tell," but they did hint that it should be completely finished before this spring. Right now the boys are in studio hammering out rough demos of the songs they've written so far, so they can go back and make changes before final recording takes place later this winter. Keep checking back as the band will no doubt be putting up some of the demos in the coming weeks!

Emma Tringali and Victorian Halls New Album

Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins' New Album Enters Post-Production

Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins recently entered post-production on their upcoming full length album entitled "A Red Thumb Rant". They've spent the last few months in the studio carefully crafting this amazing new group of songs. "We have the beautifully mastered copy of the album in our hands, thanks to Ken Rich, and we are finalizing the booklet art work." We should have a new song or two of theirs up on the Aux Sable Records free track list soon, and we'll keep you updated on a street date.

Emma Tringali and Victorian Halls Music

Music For Your Listening/Downloading Pleasure

It's taken us way too long to do this, but we finally have the latest tracks from Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins and Victorian Halls up for your listening pleasure. These tracks, along with others from Handsomely Dishonest and Inner-Office Mail are available for free download here. So, take a listen and if you like what you hear please go to our store and buy the albums for yourselves, your friends, or they make great Labor Day gifts!

Inner-Office Mail

Champion of the Sun is now Inner-Office Mail

There has been a name change within the Aux Sable Records Family. "Champion of the Sun", after discovering that there was a band with the same name, has changed theirs to "Inner-Office Mail". We're hoping for as little confusion as possible so please spread the word amongst yourselves, and be sure to pick up a copy of our Showcase CD which is now officially a collectors item because it has "Champion of the Sun" plastered all over it.

YouTube Channel

New YouTube Channel

Alright kids, Aux Sable Records just launched their YouTube Channel with a couple vintage videos from Eight Hour Company and a new one from Champion of the Sun (now Inner-Office Mail). We will be adding more videos as they come in so keep checking back or sign-up for our newsletter and we'll be sure to let you know when new videos are posted. So, check it out. Comment. Post on your Facebook pages. Repeat.

We Joined Twitter

We've Finally Joined Twitter

We know we should have done this along time ago, but we are finally jumping on the Twitter train. If you are a Twitter user and you want to follow us, please do. We are currently lacking in the followers department...not that that is keeping us from "tweeting" our little heads off.

Warped Tour 2009

Warped Tour 2009!!!

So, we were at this year's Warped Tour in Chicago passing out CD's and meeting lots of new people. Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support.

We still have a few t-shirts left that we printed exclusively for Warped Tour this year, so get them now in our store before they're all gone.

To all of you who are here for the first time please sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you in the loop about new releases from our artists as well as exclusive offers that we send out. Keep checking back as we will be continually updating our website with new promotions, album releases, and tour updates.

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Inner-Office Mail

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