Handsomely Dishonest Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins Inner-Office Mail Polymnia Nyx Eight Hour Company Shy Guy

Handsomely Dishonest

Handsomely Dishonest is the new project of former Eight Hour Company singer Kevin Lange. With the help of good friend Drew Ryan, Lange breaks free from his punk rock roots in this pop-influenced indie rock band. Influenced by a wide range of musicians (The Good Life, Death Cab for Cutie, Brand New, The Avett Brothers, The Get Up Kids, Straylight Run, amongst others...), Handsomely Dishonest merges mellow and acoustic with powerful and epic. Each song becomes a new story narrated by heartfelt lyrics and illustrated by an even mix of heavy rhythm and delicate leads, depending on what the story calls for... See More

Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins

With the perfect combination of Jazz, Blues, and Folk Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins soothe the soul. The heartfelt, swinging vocals of Tringali combined with the minimalist acoustic guitar and drum beats create the perfect mix of salty and sweet. If that doesn't make sense then you haven't listened yet. See More

Inner-Office Mail

Hailing from the North Side of Chicago, Inner-Office Mail brings a unique sound and explosive energy to the stage. Founders Dave Stinnette and Kevin Lange began work on the project in late 2008.

Having played for many years, Stinnette manipulates the bass sound into a vast range; from a ghostly wind to a lead guitar to a digital synth, his meticulously crafted settings and effects throw out any notion of the bass guitar being a boring, two dimensional instrument. Lange began tinkering with different vocal effects and distortions, things he never got the chance...See More

Polymnia Nxy

In 2005, a musical connection was made when Teddy Schrishuhn (drummer of Eight Hour Company) and Kevin Richter embarked on a musical journey together. Schrishuhn and Richter played in a school jazz band together and from that point on Schrishuhn's innovative rhythms and Richter's complex bass lines were fused together into something great. Richter and Schrishuhn continued to play in bands together including the Reggae/Funk/Jam band HAM and various studio side projects such as A Glorious Dance Party, The Handsome Devil, Francis Gabrielle... See More

Eight Hour Company

In the fall of 2003, a group of friends from high school got together just to play their instruments for the fun of playing. Guitarist Steve Elmore, drummer Teddy Schrishuhn, bassist Dave Stinnette, and guitarist (soon to be singer\guitarist) Kevin Lange didn't think it would amount to much, never really imagining that they would play shows or record music.

Running through some cover songs from bands like Brand New and Alkaline Trio in Teddy's garage, they became more in-tune with each others' playing styles and abilities and soon began writing their own songs. At first they were pop-punk anthems...See More

Shy Guy

An emersion into the digital world of video games and 8-bit music mixed with live instruments, Shy Guy hits the scene and doesn’t stop running. Frontman and creative force Steve Elmore has been tinkering with a Korg DS10 adding layer upon delicious layer on his digital audio workstation...See More