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Hello. We are Aux Sable Records.

We love music. Well, good music anyway. And that is exactly why we decided to start our own label. We believe that a truly independent record label can bring great music to ears that otherwise would not hear it. To utilize every outlet at their disposal, be it a new digital means on which people find music, or more traditional ways to get music to people who will enjoy it. Aux Sable Records strives to do just that.

Aux Sable Records was founded by Kevin Lange in 2006. Its headquarters are located in the thriving music scene of Chicago, IL. Although still in its youth as a company, ASR is very proud of the bands they consider family and all the success that they are having. Please keep checking back as we update often. Thank you for your support.

Also, you can email us directly if you have any questions, concerns, or love advice. Contact

A little about us

Warped Tour 2009

Kevin Lange

Operations/A&R Director

Music has been at the center of my life since as far back as I can remember. I've been creating music of my own for the better half of it. Aux Sable Records was created to give a home to the projects that I'm a part of and to the musical endeavors of those who are as passionate about creating great and meaningful songs as I am.

Feel free to contact me anytime. We are always on the lookout for new talent. Contact


Dave Stinnette

Senior Designer/A&R

The only thing that I enjoy more than good music is good design. So, being apart of Aux Sable Records as a musician, music appreciator, and web/graphic designer is the perfect combination of auditory and visual stimulation for me. Plus, being a partner at a record label makes me sound cooler than I really am.

Say hello.


Kevco Studios

Recorded at Kevco Studios

KevCo Studios is a fully equipped recording studio finished in 2008 that was created to allow the artists on Aux Sable Records, not to mention friends of the label, to record high quality demos for relatively little money since studio time no longer has to be rented. With the restriction of time lifted, better music can be created.

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Our Family Is Your Family


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Victorian Halls EP

Victorian Halls

EP 2009

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Victorian Halls Springteen

Victorian Halls


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Emma Tringali & the Walk-Ins

Gloves (Let My Love Remain)

Victorian Halls

The Untold Story

Polymnia Nyx

It's Alright